Idioms: hang out -- happy as a clam/lark

hang out play with, be with, spend time with Cal hangs out with Aaron. They go to the gym every day.
hang ten (surfing) let your toes hang over the edge of the surf board When you get tired of standing on the board, just hang ten.
hang tough continue to try, be strong and determined As we returned to the field, the coach said, "Hang tough, guys."
hang-up a fear or phobia, a personal problem For me, marriage is a hang-up. I can't commit to one person.
hang you out to dry defeat you, convict you, throw the book at If you're caught shoplifting, they'll hang you out to dry.
hang your hat live here, live with us You can hang your hat here for awhile - until you rent a room.
hangover feeling ill or nausea the day after you are drunk Is it true that vodka doesn't cause a hangover?
hanky-panky unfair deal, cheating, underhanded plan There is no hanky-panky in the contract we signed. It's okay.
happy as a box of birds joyful, very happy When we go to the lake, the kids are as happy as a box of birds.
happy as a clam/lark very happy, carefree When Tim is working on his car, he's happy as a clam.
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