Idioms: keep it up -- keep the wolf from the door

keep it up continue doing it, maintain this quality Good work, Joe. If you keep it up, you'll soon be a manager.
keep on continue, do it more We asked him to stop phoning us, but he kept on doing it.
keep on trucking continue to go or work, carry on Len has a sign on the door of his big rig: Keep On Truckin, Man!
keep out do not come in, stay outside There was a sign on the gate: PRIVATE - KEEP OUT!
keep pace go as fast, keep up Our company keeps pace with the leaders. We're near the top.
keep quiet do not talk, shut up Will you please keep quiet. You've said enough.
keep tabs on watch and write notes, keep track of Who keeps tabs on expenses? Who has the receipts?
keep the ball rolling continue the work, encourage us to continue Reg will keep the ball rolling. He won't allow the work to stop.
keep the faith believe in what we know, do not doubt When we parted, John said, "Keep the faith, eh."
keep the wolf from the door keep us fed, prevent hunger This check will keep the wolf from the door. We can buy food.
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