Idioms: feast or famine -- feel for

feast or famine we either have too little or too much, boom or bust When we were in business we'd have years of profit followed by years of loss. It was feast or famine.
feast your eyes on enjoy looking at, get a load of I opened a box of diamonds and said, "Feast your eyes on these!"
feather a pass (hockey) pass a puck accurately but softly Nilsson could feather a pass better than the other players.
feather in your cap (See a feather in your cap)
feather your nest make a comfortable place, prepare your future place, nest egg Charles became a professor and began to feather his nest at the University of Manitoba.
fed up tired of, disgusted with, had enough He's fed up with their laziness. I think he's angry with them.
feedback reply, response, reaction to a plan, splashback "What is the feedback on our plan to cut education funds?" "Negative. People disapprove."
feel a draft feel the air from someone who is talking too much When Jake talks too much, Pete asks, "Does anyone feel a draft?"
feel blue feel sad, down, low When Mara goes away, Don feels blue. He's lonely and sad.
feel for feel sympathy or pity for someone I feel for kids who are homeless. I want to help them.
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