Idioms: tip the scales at -- tits up [B]

tip the scales at cause the scale to go up, weigh in at Elmer tips the scales at 135 kilos. He's a heavyweight.
tip your hand reveal your plan, show your strategy Don't tip your hand in a game of chess. Surprise the opponent.
tipsy a little bit drunk, slightly drunk, buzzed After her third glass of sherry, Mona was a little tipsy.
tired of bored, not interested I'm tired of that song. I hear it every morning.
tired out tired, weary, dog tired When our visitors left, I was tired out. I slept for hours.
tit for tat equal response, an eye for an eye Gerry hit Ross. Then Ross hit Gerry, and it was tit for tat.
titch (See just a titch)
tits and ass (T & A) [B] sexual stimuli for men, cheesecake The men's parties have a lot of T & A - dancing girls.
tits in a wringer (See get your tits in a wringer)
tits up [B] dead, not operating, kaput The tractor's tits up again - the clutch is broken.
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