Idioms: knock up [B] -- know the first thing...

knock up [B] become pregnant, in a family way She doesn't want to get knocked up, so she uses a contraceptive.
knock you down a peg say you are too proud, put him in his place If you are too cocky, Don will knock you down a peg.
knock you out amaze you, blow your mind You should see The Phantom of the Opera. It'll knock you out.
knock your socks off surprise you, perform better than you expect This music will knock your socks off! It's rock and roll!
knocked out eliminated from a competition or series Our team was knocked out during the semi-final games.
knockout stunning appearance, beautiful body When Jackie wears that red party dress, she's a knockout.
know better know you should not do that Why did you take the candy? You know better than to steal.
know inside out know a method well, know an occupation well After 30 years in real estate, he knows the business inside out.
know like the back of your hand know an area well, know every feature of the land I lived here for years. I know this town like the back of my hand.
know the first thing... (See don't know the first thing about)
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