Idioms: get lost -- get off on

get lost go, leave, beat it They told me to get lost, to go home to Mommy.
get mad become angry or cross, lose your cool When she gets mad, I leave the house. She has a bad temper.
get me down cause me to feel negative; to feel down What gets me down is the way government wastes our money.
get my drift understand my meaning, dig me I don't think of you as a sister, if you get my drift.
get my kicks get my enjoyment, have my fun I get my kicks from coaching kids' teams. I enjoy doing that.
get off not have to pay, not be convicted, get out of If he's guilty, how did he get off? Why isn't he in prison?
get off a few good ones tell a few jokes, say a few funny lines When Rob spoke at our wedding he got off a few good ones.
get off my back stop criticizing me, get off my case If he criticizes you again, tell him to get off your back.
get off my case stop criticizing me, check up on I told the manager to get off my case - to stop criticizing me.
get off on like to do, enjoy He gets off on bowling. He loves to knock over those pins.
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