Idioms: put your foot in your mouth -- putting on the ritz

put your foot in your mouth say something that causes pain or embarrassment If you speak the truth, you will often put your foot in your mouth.
put your heart into it try hard, do your best, give it your best shot If you hope to succeed in life, you have to put your heart into it.
put your mind to it use the power of your mind, be focused, mind over matter You can do this calculus problem if you put your mind to it. Find a quiet place to work and apply all of your skill.
put your money where your mouth is pay what you offered, put up or shut up I accept your offer. Now put your money where your mouth is.
put your shoulder to the wheel begin to work If you want a share of the profits, put your shoulder to the wheel.
put yourself out give too much, sacrifice, go to a lot of trouble (see go to any trouble) When I visit, don't put yourself out. Don't do anything special.
put yourself through college earn money to pay for your college education You need a good summer job to put yourself through college.
putting me on joking, fooling me, kidding me You won a Nobel Prize? You're putting me on!
putting on the ritz dressing fancy or classy, doing things high class She's dining and dancing in Paris. She's putting on the ritz!
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