Idioms: get yours -- give 110%

get yours be hurt, get hit or injured After the fight he said, "You'll get yours! Just wait!"
getting on in years (See get on in years)
ghetto blaster portable radio, boom box Loud rock music came from a ghetto blaster on the steps.
gibberish nonsense, bafflegab, bunk Did he say disregardless? I wish he wouldn't talk gibberish!
gift of the gab (gift of gab) (See the gift of the gab)
gild the lily decorate a beautiful object, improve a work of art Decorating that Scotch pine would be gilding the lily.
gimme a break do not tell me to do that, that is unreasonable You expect me to spell every word correctly. Gimme a break!
girl Friday girl employee who does a variety of office jobs Jan is our girl Friday. She does the important jobs in our office.
git go, leave, get going, get lost When our cat dug in his flower garden, he said, "Git! Go on!"
give 110% work harder than required, do more than asked If we want to win this game, everyone has to give 110%.
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