Idioms: did good -- dig a little deeper

did good did well, did a good job, done good I watched you ride that horse - you did real good!
did yourself proud did a good job, did well, did good, done good That was a great dinner, Nora. You did yourself proud.
diddly-squat nothing, not a penny, dick For all that work, he gave me diddly-squat - not even thanks.
didn't have a stitch of clothes on naked, nude, birthday suit, in the buff When the kids go swimming they don't have a stitch of clothes on.
die down gradually stop, diminish, drop off When the laughter died down, I found my false teeth, put them in my mouth, and said, "Excuse me."
die for want very much; in the worst way I'm dying for a cup of coffee! I'll have an Espresso, please.
die hard change slowly, continue to be strong, you can't teach... Some men still want to be the head of the family. Old beliefs die hard.
die off become extinct, all of them die That type of horse died off before humans appeared.
different strokes for different folks people have different preferences, to each his own When Michael heard the story of a man who had a clone of his wife in several cities, he smiled and said, "Different strokes for different folks!"
dig a little deeper try harder, give a little more The coach asked the team to dig a little deeper, to give their best.
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