Idioms: go off the deep end -- go over

go off the deep end do something strange, go overboard Now don't go off the deep end and hit somebody.
go on happen, occur, what's going down What's going on here? Why is your bike in the bathtub?
go on it cannot be true, you're kidding "Ted drove the car into the lake!" "Go on! Ted wouldn't do that!"
go on about talk steadily, ramble, run off at the mouth "What was he saying?" "Oh, he was going on about taxes and the price of wheat."
go one better do more, hit harder, outdo yourself If he gives her candy, I'll go one better and give her flowers.
go out of your mind (See out of your mind)
go out of your way do special things to help, put yourself out Hilda went out of her way to help us when Dad was sick.
go out on a limb promise too much, risk, take a chance Don't go out on a limb. Don't say the company will pay for it.
go out with be a boyfriend/girlfriend, date, see Jerry asked me to go out with him. I think he likes me.
go over read, practise Did you go over your notes? Are you ready for the quiz?
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