Idioms: date -- dead duck

date boy and girl go to a movie etc., go out with, see Tong has been dating May since they met at Christmas.
dates you tells your age; when you were born Knowing that song dates you. It was popular in the 1950s.
dawn on me cause me to think of, occur to me, hit me It didn't dawn on me that they're twins until I saw them together.
day in, day out every day, daily Day in, day out, she walked to work. I saw her every morning.
day of the family farm (See the day of the family farm)
day one (See from day one)
dead as a doornail dead, showing no signs of life, stone dead It's only a stuffed bear. It's dead as a doornail.
dead-cat bounce very little recovery after a loss, not coming up again The broker said, "It was a dead-cat bounce. Stocks remain low."
dead certain very certain, very sure, positive He's dead certain that Ming is the man who talked to him.
dead duck not competitive, not viable, dead in the water, kaput I don't care how much skill he has. If he can't play under pressure he's a dead duck.
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