Idioms: catch the wave -- catch your eye

catch the wave join the trend, do what is popular Condos are popular now. Should we buy one and catch the wave?
catch up arrive later, join you You go ahead. I'll catch up with you at the bus stop.
catch-up (See play catch-up)
catch up on do something that you have neglected Ali can't go to the movie. He has to catch up on his homework.
catch up with revealed or exposed, come back to haunt you When your lies catch up with you, it's embarrassing.
catch you at a bad time visit or call when it is inconvenient You look very sad. Did I catch you at a bad time?
catch you later I will talk to you later, I will see you later I have to leave now. Catch you later.
catch you off guard surprise you, say what you do not expect Did my comment about dog poop catch you off guard?
catch your death become very ill, catch a bad cold In this terrible weather, put on a coat or you'll catch your death.
catch your eye cause you to look, get your attention When I was in Paris, a Peugeot cabriolet caught my eye. Ah!
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