Idioms: get out -- get real

get out I do not believe it, you're kidding Your father played hockey with Bobby Orr? Get out!
get out of avoid doing, not have to do You can get out of gym class if you say you have a headache.
get out of my face go away, I am sick of you I didn't ask for your advice. Get out of my face!
get out of the road move, do not stand there "Get out of the road!" he yelled as he rode his bike down the hill.
get out of town you are mistaken, do not expect us to believe you You saw a Martian? Get outa town! I don't believe it.
get out of your hair leave, not bother you, get lost Let me ask one more question; then I'll get out of your hair.
get over move, let me sit beside you, move over Hey, get over! I was sitting here!
get over travel, go to visit We hope to get over to the island when we go to Vancouver.
get over forget, stop worrying about We can help her get over the accident by listening to her.
get real try to see what is really happening, get serious He wants five million dollars to play hockey? Tell him to get real.
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