Idioms: come by -- come home to roost

come by find, get, obtain How did you come by that vase? Where did you get it?
come clean tell the truth, admit everything, own up The police asked him to come clean about the money - to tell them everything he knew.
come down hard punish hard, throw the book at The teachers come down hard on cheating. They suspend cheaters.
come down off your high horse (See get off your high horse)
come down on like a ton of bricks reprove, punish harshly Whenever I make the slightest mistake, my boss comes down on me like a ton of bricks.
come down to earth be realistic, get your head out of the clouds If she'd come down to earth, if she'd stop dreaming about fame, she could pass her exams.
come down with become sick, become ill Brenda came down with the flu. She's very sick.
come full circle arrive at the place where you began "Let's ask the teacher, okay?"
"If we do that, we'll have come full circle. Remember?"
come hell or high water no matter what happens, by any means I'll buy that ranch, come hell or high water. I'm determined.
come home to roost (See chickens come home to roost)
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