Idioms: lovelies -- luck of the draw

lovelies ladies, women, girls, chicks When we docked at Rome, we met three lovelies and went dancing.
lovelife the romantic part of your life, your intimate life "How's your lovelife?" "Great! I've met a wonderful lady."
Lovers' Leap a cliff where lovers jump into a canyon together Let's drive up to Lovers' Leap and look at the stars.
low sad, depressed, ill, down I've been feeling kind of low lately - it's the bad weather.
low-ball him offer him a very low price for his car, house etc. If his price is too high, low-ball him. Offer him a very low price.
low-down bad, evil, not nice Stealing from that old woman was a low-down thing to do!
lowdown (See the lowdown)
lowlife a person without morals or humanitarian values What a lowlife! He sold drugs to children.
low on the totem pole ordinary worker, not a manager or boss, gofer, pecking order If you want to understand the real problems, talk to the workers - people who are low on the totem pole.
luck of the draw (See the luck of the draw)
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