Idioms: hatchet man -- have a boo

hatchet man the man who does the bad jobs: firing, layoffs, etc. Uh oh, there's Jake, the hatchet man. Who's getting fired now?
hats off a tribute or honor; praise and thanks And hats off to Mr. Singh for coordinating the volunteers.
haul ass [B] do it, hurry, get going If you want a magazine, haul ass. You can buy one at the drugstore.
haul up on the carpet questioned, disciplined, give me the third degree If you don't obey every rule, you will be hauled up on the carpet.
have a ball enjoy the activity, have a blast, have fun We had a ball at Yolanda's party. It was lots of fun.
have a bird be overcome with excitement or grief, beside myself, have a fit When you told her the boys had been rescued I thought she was going to have a bird! She was almost hysterical.
have a bite eat lunch, eat some food We can have a bite at a restaurant after we finish shopping.
have a blast have a great party; enjoy the dance etc. "How was the dance?" "Super! We had a blast!"
have a boo go to the bathroom, go to the can Let's stop at the next service station so Cory can have a boo.
have a boo have a look, have a peek Have a boo with my binoculars. You can see one of the planets.
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