Idioms: bring home the bacon -- broke

bring home the bacon bring home a paycheck, support a family Stan is disabled, so Louise brings home the bacon.
bring it off manage it successfully, carry it off Don't worry about the project. Mr. Ho can bring it off.
bring the house down cause a lot of cheering or applause or laughter If Kurt skates well in Calgary he'll bring the house down.
bring to a close conclude, finish, wrap up Now, to bring my presentation to a close, I'll tell you a story.
bring up introduce, begin to talk about Please bring up that point at the meeting. We can discuss it then.
bring up vomit, puke Did the baby bring up his breakfast? Let me wipe it up.
bring you up short cause you to stop and think, rebuke you When I began to criticize Jan, Mother brought me up short.
broad girl, chick, prostitute "Where's Mark?" "Over there, with the broads, as usual."
broad daylight (See in broad daylight)
broke (See flat broke)
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