Idioms: pay my respects -- pay up

pay my respects attend a ceremony or send a symbol of your respect for someone Remembrance Day allows us to pay our respects to the people who defended our country.
pay off pay all that you owe, pay the balance I want to pay off my loan now - pay the whole balance.
pay off reward you, give you what you want Studying pays off. You get higher grades.
pay-off reward, profit We invested in property, hoping for a pay-off when we sell it.
pay the penalty pay a fine, endure, receive punishment He paid the penalty for his laziness: failure.
pay the price work hard, endure, suffer To be an Olympic athlete, you have to pay the price: pain.
pay the shot pay the whole bill, pay for everybody's ticket etc. Uncle Sammy paid the whole shot for our trip to Europe.
pay through the nose pay high rates for rent or service, cost an arm... If you rent a condo in Dover, you'll pay through the nose.
pay tribute show that you respect or admire a person, honor someone In a letter to Ms. Lee, the City paid tribute to her for service to her community.
pay up pay what is owed, pay a bet you lost When I see Todd, I'll ask him to pay up. He owes me $20.
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