Idioms: stand away -- stand out

stand away turn away, shun, give you the cold shoulder I don't want to stand away, but you have hurt me deeply.
stand behind repair or replace, guarantee Our company stands behind its products. We offer a guarantee.
stand by me be my friend, be loyal to me, be there for me I know you like me, but will you stand by me if I get in trouble?
stand corrected admit a mistake or error, own up The square root of 4761 is 69, not 68. I stand corrected.
stand for believe in and represent, be the symbol for Vicki stands for social justice. She supports public health care.
stand for permit, tolerate, put up with, stand it My parents won't allow us to smoke. They won't stand for it.
stand in replace, substitute, take my place I can't coach the soccer team today. Will you stand in for me?
stand it endure it, bear it, put up with it There's a very strong gas odor in here. How can you stand it?
stand on ceremony expect everyone to know manners and customs Leave your cap on if you like. We don't stand on ceremony.
stand out appear different, not be the same as the others Dick's voice stands out because it is lower than the others.
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