Idioms: make a fuss -- make a pass

make a fuss cry or complain, throw a tantrum If I don't hold the baby, it will make a fuss. It will cry.
make a go of it earn enough money to pay the bills, live well With both of us working, we were able to make a go of it.
make a good impression meet and talk to strangers so they like you Penny made a good impression on my parents. She is so polite!
make a killing earn a big profit, make a bundle If you buy gold now, you'll make a killing when the price goes up.
make a life for yourself live a good life; have a job, home and family So you want to make a life for yourself in Canada. That's good.
make a living earn enough money to live on, make your way You can make a living at farming, but you won't be rich!
make a mistake give a wrong answer, make a booboo Learn from making a mistake. Learn how not to do it.
make a mountain out of a mole hill make a problem bigger, exaggerate a problem I spent $50, not $500! Don't make a mountain out of a mole hill.
make a name for yourself become well known, become famous Martin Luther King made a name for himself - and for freedom!
make a pass show that you feel romantic toward someone Julie made a pass at me. She sent me a love note and smiled at me.
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