Idioms: drive you to drink -- drop charges

drive you to drink cause you to drink alcohol or want to be drunk His critical attitude will drive you to drink. I had to resign.
drop stop taking a subject, withdraw, drop out You wouldn't drop English! It's the key to other subjects.
drop a bundle lose money by gambling, lose your shirt I dropped a bundle at the track last night. I lost every bet.
drop a hint suggest, give a sign When he was hungry, he'd drop a hint, like point at the fridge.
drop a line write a letter, send a postcard Be sure to drop us a line from Paris. Tell us about your trip.
drop a log [B] have a bowel movement, take a shit [B] What a smell! Open a window after you drop a log, eh.
drop a name / drop names pretend you know famous people, name-dropper He was dropping names at the interview - Klein, Clinton, etc.
drop back run slower than before, run further behind Our horse dropped back to fourth place and lost the race.
drop behind run further behind, lose ground Our party has dropped behind in the polls. We're in second place.
drop charges withdraw complaints, not press charges I realized it was an accident, so I dropped the charges.
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