Idioms: F-word -- fair to middling

F-word (See the F-word)
face facts accept the truth, deal with reality, come to grips If we face facts, we can see that one salary is not enough.
face the music face the results of our actions, be responsible If you damage the car, you must face the music - pay for repairs.
face up admit that you did it, own up If Karl caused the problem, he'll face up. He'll admit it.
fag/faggot gay or homosexual man Sean is a fag; he admits it.
faint of heart timid, not courageous, chicken, lily-livered Sky diving is not for people who are faint of heart.
fair game legal to hunt or shoot or criticize, open season An elected politician is fair game for criticism.
fair-haired boy favorite boy, favorite man He's the fair-haired boy in this office. They think he's perfect.
fair shake (See a fair shake)
fair to middling moderately good, about average, so-so "How's the barley crop this year?" "Oh, fair to middling. Could use a good rain."
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