Idioms: double take -- down and out

double take look again in disbelief, can't believe my eyes She did a double take when Clint Eastwood walked into the store.
double-talk confusing talk, bafflegab His explanation of the government decision was a lot of double-talk.
double whammy two events or experiences that happen close together, synchronicity Talk about a double whammy! My boss tells me I've lost my job, and you tell me I've won the lottery!
dough money, dollars, moola Did you get some dough? We need money to buy groceries.
doughhead someone who does not think before acting Don't ever call him a doughhead again. He's my boyfriend.
dove a person who wants peace, pacifist The doves complained when the US built more nuclear weapons.
down sad, depressed, low She's been down ever since her cat died. She misses her cat.
down a peg (See take him down a peg)
down and dirty not polite, rude, vulgar The next song is down and dirty. It's called Snake's Pad.
down and out poor and unlucky, bumming and boozing When he was down and out, he went to the Salvation Army.
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