Idioms: in cahoots -- in dire straits

in cahoots like partners, helping each other I think the judge and lawyer are in cahoots - working together.
in charge responsible for, in control Who's in charge here? Who is the manager or supervisor?
in clover becoming wealthy, receiving lots of money We were in clover! We bought a ranch, a car, and a house in town.
in cold blood without feeling, without mercy He's accused of killing a Mountie in cold blood.
in control able to manage, in charge Mr. Blum is not in control of his pets. They run all over town.
in-crowd (See the in-crowd)
in deep doo-doo [B] in serious difficulties, in deep shit, in deep trouble He's a member of parliament and has been caught twice for tax fraud. Now he's in deep doo-doo.
in deep shit [B] in bad trouble, likely to be punished If you shoot a bear in a national park, you are in deep shit, man.
in deep trouble in serious trouble, sure to catch hell Driving without a license could get you in deep trouble.
in dire straits in debt, having no money If we don't get a good crop this year, we'll be in dire straits.
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