Idioms: charley horse -- check it out

charley horse soreness in a muscle, cramp in a calf muscle, pull a muscle "Did you hurt your leg playing baseball?" "Yes, I slid into third base and now I have a charley horse."
chaser a soft drink to follow a hard drink, a weaker drink The old man drank coffee as a chaser for the Irish whisky.
chasing rainbows trying to achieve an impossible goal Many young actors are chasing rainbows - hoping for fame.
chat her up talk to her about a date, talk romantically to her If you like Mila, chat her up. Say nice things to her.
cheap unwilling to spend money, not generous, tight They refuse to buy the boy a decent suit. They're too cheap.
cheap drunk (See a cheap drunk)
cheap like borsch not expensive, as cheap as vegetable soup I didn't pay much for this jacket. It was cheap like borsch.
borsch may also be spelled borsh, borscht or borshch, showing that we lack an authoritative mapping from the Russian to the English alphabet
cheap skate a person who does not pay his share, a tight-ass That cheap skate can keep his money. I'll pay for the tickets.
cheat on break a marriage promise, be unfaithful He cheats on his wife. Now he's sleeping with a waitress.
check it out inquire, find out about Check it out. It may be a great opportunity.
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