Idioms: hit me -- hit speeds of

hit me tell me, say it now, give it to me straight When I said it was bad news, he said, "Hit me. Let's have it."
hit me for a loan ask to borrow money, ask me for a loan Hit me for a loan on payday. Then I'll have some money.
hit me with your best shot shoot or hit as hard as you can, sock it to me Hit me with your best shot. Serve the ball as hard as you can.
hit my funny bone cause me to laugh, crack me up The word pollywog always hits my funny bone. Ha ha ha, ha ha.
hit on think of, come up with Ko was a nurse until she hit on the idea of selling jewelry.
hit on talk to in a sexual manner, come onto When he hit on a waitress, we asked him to stop.
hit on all cylinders running smoothly, operating well, hit it off At first our company wasn't running very smoothly, but now we're hitting on all cylinders.
hit paydirt become rich, win money, make a lot of money When Helen began selling chocolate, she hit paydirt. She's rich!
hit rock bottom feel very unfortunate, feel very depressed After his farm was seized, he hit rock bottom - lost all hope.
hit speeds of travel at speeds of, do (a speed) The stolen car was hitting speeds of 120 km per hour in the city.
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