Idioms: the cart before the horse -- the day of the family farm

the cart before the horse backwards, back to front Having dessert before dinner is putting the cart before the horse.
the cat's ass [B] the best, number one, the bee's knees Since Val won the beauty contest, she thinks she's the cat's ass!
the cat's meow somebody special, a hotshot When Vi wears diamonds, she thinks she's the cat's meow.
the cat's out of the bag the secret has been told, people know the secret We know about your affair with Brad. The cat's out of the bag.
the crack of dawn (See at the crack of dawn)
the crunch the difficult time, the day we have less money The crunch is coming - when we have one salary instead of two.
the crux of the matter the main point, the real issue Uncle Bert is too old to drive the car. That's the crux of the matter.
the customer is always right satisfy the customer, agree with the customer Now let's discuss an old saying: The Customer's Always Right.
the cutting edge the latest technology, state of the art Compact discs are no longer the cutting edge in recorded music.
the day of the family farm the time when most farms were family owned The day of the family farm is nearly over. They can't survive.
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