Idioms: in a blue moon -- in a jam

in a blue moon (See once in a blue moon)
in a cold sweat very nervous or scared, scared spitless As Doug waited to speak to the audience he felt breathless and shaky. His hands felt cold and damp. He was in a cold sweat!
in a coon's age in many years, for a long time, for a dog's age Hello, Uncle Henry! I haven't seen you in a coon's age!
in a family way pregnant, a bun in the oven Carey's in a family way. She's due to have her baby soon.
in a fix in a bad situation, in a jam Without matches or food, the lost boys were in quite a fix.
in a flap worried or upset, in a hurry Kate is in a flap again. Her dog is sick.
in a flash very quickly, in no time If you're in trouble, Superman will be there in a flash.
in a flutter (See in a tizzy)
in a funk in a bad mood, frustrated, in a snit Rick is in a funk today because Muriel hasn't called him.
in a jam in a difficult position, in trouble I was in a jam. I had no money to pay the rent.
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