Idioms: gnashing of teeth -- go around the bend

gnashing of teeth anger, complaining When the hospital closed, there was much gnashing of teeth.
go against the grain oppose the natural way, do it the hard way Moe has always been perverse - always going against the grain.
go all-out do your best, give it all you've got He'll go all-out at the Olympics. He wants to win a medal.
go all the way (sex) have intercourse, make love "When I go all the way, I want to feel loved," she said.
go all the way (sports) win a final series, win the cup or trophy If the Leafs beat us, they'll go all the way.
go along for the ride (See along for the ride)
go along with agree to, co-operate with If you go along with the crime, you'll be as guilty as they are.
go along with pretend you do not know, play along If we have a surprise party for Kay, will you go along with it?
go ape become extremely excited, go bananas The girls would go ape when they saw the Beatles.
go around the bend (See around the bend)
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