Idioms: cat's ass -- catch a ride

cat's ass (See the cat's ass)
cat's meow (See the cat's meow)
cat's out of the bag (See the cat's out of the bag)
catcall shouting disapproval or insults, heckling The catcalls from the audience caused the speaker to pause.
catch 22 the cause is the effect and the effect is the cause It was catch 22. I needed my glasses to find my glasses.
catch a buzz begin to feel intoxicated, begin to feel natural high This is strong beer. You catch a buzz from drinking one bottle!
catch a cold (catch cold) be sick with a cold, come down with a cold I caught a cold while we were in Vancouver.
catch a glimpse see for only a second, visible for a brief time I caught a glimpse of Sue at the mall, but she didn't see me.
catch a plane/bus/train go to the airport and get on the plane After the meeting, you can catch the plane to Toronto.
catch a ride ride with someone who has a vehicle, get a lift When I go to church, I catch a ride with my neighbor Lila.
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