Idioms: bag and baggage -- balderdash

bag and baggage everything you own, all of one's possessions The next day, he moved into her apartment - bag and baggage.
bag lady a lady who looks for food and bottles in the streets Behind the restaurant, a bag lady was digging in the garbage cans.
bag of tricks skills, methods, plans; devices to entertain You need a large bag of tricks to teach the Grade 8 class.
bag some rays sit or lie in the sunshine, have a sun bath While you're swimming, I'm going to bag some rays.
bagel (See get bageled)
bah nonsense, it is not true Bah! There is no tooth fairy!
bail me out help me solve a problem, pay to get me out of jail If they arrest me, will you bail me out - pay the bail money?
bail out quit, leave a project, resign Tom bailed out when Lan became Project Manager.
balance of power (See the balance of power)
balderdash verbose nonsense "Please switch off the talk show. It's just balderdash."
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