Idioms: come-on -- come to a head

come-on invitation to romance, give her the eye She's giving Rex the come-on, smiling at him and stuff.
come on strong do it with more energy, do it with enthusiasm If you come on too strong, the customer will not buy from you.
come onside come on our team, be on our side, buy into We want to persuade Vi to come onside. We want her to join us.
come onto talk to in a sexual way, make advances In the car he started coming onto her. He said he wanted her.
come out in the wash become clear later, when the dust settles We will soon know who did it. It will all come out in the wash.
come out with say, tell, blurt out Then she comes out with a dirty joke and nobody laughed.
come through complete the task, do what is expected We're hoping that Ron will come through with high grades.
come to regain your senses or consciousness A few minutes after the accident, he came to. He opened his eyes.
come to involves, includes When it comes to dessert, I like raisin pie.
come to a head come to a climax, result in a fight Things will come to a head when the family discusses the will.
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