Idioms: bully for you -- bun in the oven

bully for you you were lucky, good for you When I beat Ed at cribbage, he says, "Bully for you!"
bum buttocks, backside, butt, rear end "Why did she slap your face?" "Because I pinched her bum."
bum rap (See a bum rap)
bum's rush (See the bum's rush)
bummer (See a bummer)
bump and grind (hockey) bump other players and work to get the puck To win hockey games we need players who bump and grind.
bump and grind walk or dance in a sexy way A seminude dancer was bumping and grinding under red lights.
bump into meet by chance, run into Do you know who I bumped into yesterday? Larry Mason.
bumper to bumper a lane of vehicles with the bumpers nearly touching Traffic on Memorial Drive was bumper to bumper at 4:30 today.
bun in the oven (See a bun in the oven)
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