Idioms: ball her [B] -- bang for your buck

ball her [B] have sex with her, lay her "Hey, Ted. Did you ball her?" "No. All you think about is sex!"
ball-park figure (See a ball-park figure)
ball's in your court (See the ball's in your court)
ballistic (See go ballistic)
baloney false statements, bull, bunk, hogwash Most of what the speaker said is a lot of baloney - untrue.
bam a word to describe a hit or collision, pow The car rolled down the hill and into the wall - bam!
bananas very excited, nearly crazy When we won the cup, the crowd went bananas.
bandwidth mental capacity, mental energy, brain cells We need a person with bandwidth, someone who understands complex management relationships.
bang [B] have sex with, lay "Did you bang her, Ted?" "If I did, I wouldn't tell you."
bang for your buck fun for your money, value for your dollar You get more bang for your buck at garage sales. They're fun!
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