Idioms: break the bank -- breakup

break the bank spend all savings, leave no balance One more expense this month will break the bank.
break the ice relieve the tension, put you at ease Andy likes to tell a joke to break the ice - to help everybody relax.
break the law/rules not obey the law, commit a crime If you rob a store, you are breaking the law.
break the record do better than the previous record The coach believes Bev can break the record in long jump.
break the silence talk about a secret, tell people the truth When he accused us of the crime, my brother broke the silence.
break up not date anymore, not be lovers anymore, breakup Lan and Chan broke up last night. They had a bad quarrel.
break your fall prevent serious injury when you fall He fell from the roof, but a tree helped to break his fall.
break your heart cause you to feel very sad and lonely Marilyn broke my heart. She left me for a younger man.
breakdown sudden health failure, fall apart After his breakdown, he found an occupation with less stress.
breakup separation, divorce, not being partners anymore, break up Since their breakup, I don't know where to send my Christmas cards.
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