Idioms: soft pedal -- soldier on

soft pedal say it is not important, downplay The government is trying to soft pedal their failures.
soft sell not pressuring the customer, showing the product and letting the customer decide, hard sell I like the soft-sell guys - the ones who let you take a car for a drive and see if you like it.
soft spot (See have a soft spot for)
soft-top (See ragtop)
soften up cause a person to be more co-operative Ken is stubborn about his right to smoke. I can't soften him up.
soften your stance cause you to change your opinion or position If his friends go against him, he may soften his stance.
software computer programs, courseware This accounting software is very easy to use.
software piracy copying computer programs, bootleg Software piracy is a crime and we could do time.
sold on believe in, convinced of I'm sold on this new herbal drink. It gives me energy.
soldier on continue working; serving well; carry on When the others quit searching, the family soldiered on, hoping to find their lost girl.
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