Idioms: a caution -- a close call

a caution a bold or shocking person, no shrinking violet She is a caution! She told the judge he was all wrong.
a cheap drunk a person who gets drunk on one or two drinks Jo admits she's a cheap drunk. Her limit is two drinks.
a checkup a doctor's examination, a medical examination If you aren't feeling well, go to the doctor for a checkup.
a chicken in every pot enough food for every family No one will be hungry if there's a chicken in every pot.
a chin wag a conversation, a visit The grandmothers were talking happily - having a chin wag.
a chip off the old block a boy who is like his dad, the apple doesn't... Eric is a chip off the old block. He's just like his dad.
a chunk of change a large amount of money, a few grand, big bucks I bet that condo cost him a chunk o' change - 300 grand at least.
a clean bill of health a good report from the doctor, a good checkup You'll never get a clean bill of health if you eat fat meat!
a cliff-hanger a game that is close until the end, a barnburner Every election in this town is a real cliff-hanger - a close race.
a close call close to danger or an accident That was a close call. The train nearly hit the bus!
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