Idioms: strapped -- strictly business

strapped having very little money, nearly flat broke I can't afford to go to a concert this month. I'm strapped.
straw horse an idea to be discussed and refined, a draft proposal or motion I have an idea that may work - kind of a straw horse. I'll tell you about it and we can discuss its potential.
straw that broke the camel's back (See the last straw)
street smarts knowing how to survive, worldly wise You need street smarts to be a police officer in Toronto.
street wise wise about street life, been around Let's ask Sal to go downtown with us. He's street wise.
stretch the dollar spend carefully, buy the most for each dollar We have a large family. I stretch the dollar as far as I can.
stretch the envelope extend the boundaries, expand your horizons I've set some goals that stretch my envelope - challenge me.
stretch the truth add to a true story, include lies with the truth Al was stretching the truth. He said the waves were 60 feet high.
stretching it saying it was bigger or better than it was To say the mosquitoes are as big as starlings is stretching it.
strictly business very serious, not joking, no nonsense When he conducts the band, he's strictly business. He's serious.
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