Idioms: bend over backwards -- best laid plans

bend over backwards do anything to help, try to please, go the extra mile They'll bend over backwards to find a room for you. They give excellent service.
bend the rules change the rules to help, look the other way Ed won't accept late reports. He won't bend the rules.
bend your ear ask you to listen, buttonhole you Carl, can I bend your ear for a minute? I have some news.
bend your elbow drink beer or liquor, tip a few Your eyes look red and tired. Bend your elbow last night?
benefit of the doubt (See the benefit of the doubt)
beside myself very upset, very worried, at loose ends She was beside herself with grief when her sister died.
beside the point off topic, not related, irrelevant The brand of cigarette is beside the point. Smoking is the issue.
best foot forward (See put your best foot forward)
best interests at heart thinking of a person's needs, in mind When I give low grades, I still have your best interests at heart.
best laid plans (See the best-laid plans)
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