Idioms: in his good books -- in my good books

in his good books among those he likes, on his list of good people She's in his good books because she praised his painting.
in hock in debt, owing money, having a large mortgage We were in hock after buying the property. We had a large debt.
in hot water needing discipline or correction, in deep shit My son took his pet snake to school, and now he's in hot water. He could be suspended from classes.
in keeping with following the rules or customs Refunds are not in keeping with company policy. No refunds.
in leaf having new leaves, growing leaves Poplar trees were in leaf, wild roses in bloom.
in love feeling romantic love, fall in love Peter's in love with Wendy, but Wendy's in love with Tom.
in mind thinking of, remembering, keep you in mind When she wrote the story about the lawyer, she had you in mind.
in mint condition in new condition, as new The Nash was in mint condition. It looked like a new car.
in my care for me to protect, under my wing The children were in my care when the dog chased us.
in my good books among the people I like, on my good side To get in my good books, you can help me with my homework.
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