Idioms: at loggerheads -- at rest

at loggerheads not agreeing, opposed to each other They're at loggerheads over who owns the farm. They don't agree.
at loose ends disorganized, unable to concentrate I was at loose ends when the kids were fighting. I couldn't think.
at my wits' end very tired and nervous, at the end of my rope After a wedding and a funeral she was at her wits' end.
at odds not in agreement, opposed, at loggerheads Your testimony in court is at odds with the statement you gave to the police. Why are they different?
at one fell swoop (See in one fell swoop)
at once at the same time, simultaneously You can't do two things at once. You can eat or talk, but not both.
at once now, immediately Your mother said you should come in at once - immediately.
at one time in the past, during a time past, once upon a time At one time, the sun didn't seem so hot. We didn't need sunscreen when we worked or played in the sun.
at peace feeling peaceful, without worry After talking about his problem he was at peace with himself.
at rest stopped, not moving Tie these ropes while the boat is at rest - before it moves.
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