Idioms: behind your back -- belt you

behind your back where you cannot see, when you are not here He says nice things to you, but criticizes you behind your back.
being there being where good things happen, being in the right place at the right time Caleb seems to succeed by just being there. Good things happen to him wherever he is.
believe my ears (See can't believe my ears)
believe my eyes (See can't believe my eyes)
bells and whistles (See all the bells and whistles)
belly up not operating, bankrupt, tits up Four car dealers went belly up during the recession.
belly up to the bar sit close to the bar, find a chair at the bar Belly up to the bar, boys. I'd like to buy you a drink.
bellyache complain, whine Don't bellyache about the referee. Just play your best.
below the poverty line not earning enough to survive, very poor, as poor as a church mouse If husband and wife are earning minimum wage, they're living below the poverty line.
belt you hit you, punch you I should belt you for saying that my sister looks like a dog.
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