Idioms: best of both worlds -- better the devil you know...

best of both worlds (See the best of both worlds)
bet on place a bet, gamble I bet on the bay mare, and she won! I bet $20 on her.
bet on a lame rooster bet on a loser, fall for that If you vote for that guy, you're betting on a lame rooster.
bet you dollars to donuts I will bet dollars, you bet donuts; give you odds Ben is the fastest runner. I'll bet you dollars to donuts he wins.
better half spouse, wife or husband Bring your better half when you visit us. We'd like to meet her.
better late than never it is better to arrive late than not to arrive "You're an hour late," he said. "Better late than never," I replied.
better off in better conditions: healthier or wealthier etc. Are you better off renting an apartment than buying a house?
better than a kick in the ass [B] better than punishment, not as bad as it could be, don't knock it When I told him we had won $10 in the Lotto, he said, "It's better than a kick in the ass."
better than sex very good, excellent, fantastic "Hey, James. How was skydiving?" "Great! Better than sex!"
better the devil you know... a new devil could be worse than the old devil "Should we fire the coach?" "No - better the devil we know than the one we don't."
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