Idioms: window of opportunity -- wino

window of opportunity (See a window of opportunity)
window on the world the place where you can see the world For some people, TV is their only window on the world.
wing it improvise, change your plans, play it by ear If I am asked strange questions at an interview, I wing it. I give the best answers I can think of.
wingding wild party, bash We went to Happy Harry's wingding. It was a great party.
wingnut a person who acts crazy, a nut Jerry, you wingnut! How did you get that horse in the elevator?
wingy wild, crazy, wacko Leon drove his car into the lake again. That guy is really wingy!
winner take all the winner of the game gets all the money Bert said, "Let's play one more game of poker, winner take all."
winning isn't everything; it's the only thing winning is the only thing that matters, get it straight It was Vince Lombardi, a football coach, who said, "Winning isn't everything - it's the only thing."
winning streak winning game after game, make a clean sweep The Expos have won nine games - their longest winning streak.
wino an alcoholic, a drunk, in the tank See that wino over there. He used to be the president of GASCO.
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