Idioms: spike the ball -- spinork/spinorky

spike the ball hit the ball sharply over the net Gary's ability to spike the ball gives our team an advantage.
spill the beans tell a secret, tell others about it, spill your guts Don't tell Sammy about our plan. He'll spill the beans.
spill your guts tell everything you know, spill the beans Don't spill your guts to mom. Don't tell her about our problems.
spin a yarn tell a story, make up a story We love to hear Norman spin a yarn. His stories seem so real.
spin crew speech-writing crew, hired writers The spin crew will tell me if I should say racial or ethnic.
spin doctor a speech writer, an advisor to a politician, put the right spin on it The spin doctor told us to say disability, not handicap.
spin the bottle a game to decide who will kiss whom When we played spin the bottle, Mavis always got to kiss Ron.
spin your wheels waste effort, not progress If you don't have a career goal you'll just spin your wheels.
spinny a little crazy, eccentric, drive me batty Their family is kind of weird. Even the cat is a little spinny.
spinork/spinorky attractive, cool, groovy, neat What a spinork sweater! It looks great on you.
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