Idioms: tune me out -- turn down

tune me out stop listening to me, not pay attention to me If you speak in a boring way, students will tune you out.
tune up improve the operation, improve performance After Fred tunes up the Mercedes the motor will run smoother.
tuned in able to understand, on the same wavelength If you're tuned in, you know who I've been talking about.
tunnel vision looking straight ahead, not seeing other directions Our president has tunnel vision. He believes in only one plan.
turf it cut it, delete it, throw out If students don't enrol in the program, we'll have to turf it.
turkey fool, dumbo, jerk You turkey! Why did you put Jello on my pizza?
turn a blind eye see a problem but not act, look the other way The teacher knows that I come in late, but she turns a blind eye.
turn a profit profit from, make money It will be a year before we turn a profit on this new product.
turn about is fair play you get what you give, what goes around... If you give pain you'll feel pain. Turn about is fair play.
turn down refuse, not accept Sal turned me down when I asked her to go to a movie. She refused.
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