Idioms: throw good money after bad -- throw the book at

throw good money after bad spend more on a failure, repair a poor product If we fix that TV again, we'll be throwing good money after bad.
throw in the towel quit fighting, give up Don't throw in the towel. One more year and you'll graduate.
throw insults say rude things, insult someone When you don't get what you want, you start throwing insults.
throw me for a loop confuse me, it phased me out The question on parliamentary procedure threw me for a loop.
throw on a dog for you cook a wiener for you, make a a hotdog for you Hal was cooking wieners on the barbecue. "Can I throw on a dog for you?" he asked.
throw out put in the garbage, discard, throw away Do you want these old magazines, or should I throw them out?
throw some light on explain, give information, shed a little light on Martin, can you throw some light on the DNA? Explain it to us?
throw that in mention that, suggest that Don't forget to add the sales tax - just thought I'd throw that in.
throw the baby out with the bath water throw away something good with the waste, discard everything Keep the good subjects when you revise the course. Don't throw the baby out with the bath water!
throw the book at punish to the maximum, come down hard Drunk drivers deserve the full penalty. Throw the book at them!
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