Idioms: turn in -- turn over a new leaf

turn in give to the manager, hand in When you leave our company, please turn in your uniform.
turn in go to bed, crash, hit the hay I'm going to turn in now. I'm very tired.
turn into become, change into, convert If you eat any more hotdogs you'll turn into a wiener!
turn of the century (See the turn of the century)
turn-on something that excites or arouses you Her voice was a turn-on for me. She has a sexy voice.
turn on a dime turn sharply, turn quickly, do a 180 An Alfa Romeo has excellent steering. It can turn on a dime.
turn on you turn against you, change from friend to enemy If you preach your religion, they may get mad and turn on you.
turn out happen, develop, end up How did your cake turn out? Is it a good recipe?
turn out attend, show up Only 40% of the population turned out to vote.
turn over a new leaf begin living by a new set of rules or values Since Bob stopped drinking he's turned over a new leaf.
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