Idioms: lap of luxury -- last legs

lap of luxury (See the lap of luxury)
lap up welcome, appreciate She laps up their compliments. She loves their praise.
lard butt/lard ass [B] a person with fat buttocks, a person with a big bum When I was young and chubby, my brother called me lard butt.
larger than life larger or prettier than people we know; bigger than life In American movies, everything seems larger than life. Buildings are taller, women are sexier.
lark (See it was a lark)
last but not least the last one on the list but not the least important Last but not least is Carla, winner of the spelling contest.
last call last chance to buy a drink or come in for supper Dad stood on the back porch and shouted, "Last call for supper!"
last-ditch last try, desperate attempt, last resort In a last-ditch attempt to save the marriage, he bought her a BMW.
last hurrah last big event for an old person Frank is planning one more TV concert - his last hurrah.
last legs (See on his last legs)
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