Idioms: trifle with me -- try that on for size

trifle with me be careless about my feelings, mind games, toy with me When John forgot that he asked me to go to the dance, I felt he was trifling with me.
true blue loyal, faithful Moe is true blue. We've been good friends for forty years.
true colors real beliefs, true values, principles In the debate on abortion we'll see her true colors - her beliefs.
try it try to do it, try your hand at After I sing the song, you try it. See if you can sing it.
try it on wear a garment to see if it fits If you like that dress, you can try it on in one of our fitting rooms.
try it out use it for awhile, test it, test drive This is our new life-time pen. Would you like to try it out?
try me ask me, see what I say; challenge me, find out "You wouldn't call the police, would you?" "Just try me."
try out try to become a member of a team Let's try out for soccer this year. Let's play on the team.
try that try to do that, pull that When I reached for the phone, the thief said, "Don't try that."
try that on for size see if you like that, consider that This TV has a 48" screen. Try that on for size.
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